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With quality raw materials we obtain excellent natural products.

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Culinary foundations

Payment methods

When placing your order, you will have to select the payment method that is most suited to your needs:


Once you have placed your order, you can see the details of the same in an e-mail that will immediately be sent to you. Once you have received this e-mail, you should make a transfer to the account 3084 0042 55 6300045121 of Ipar-Kutxa .

You should make the transfer to the cited account and send us a copy of this by fax to 943 890 516. If you make a transfer online you can send us a copy of the proof of payment by e-mail to the address:info@am Once this proof of payment has been received, management will give the order to the logistics department to proceed with the shipment of your order.

Important note

The first order made with may only be paid for via bank transfer, cash on delivery or credit card (for example VISA).

Subsequent orders may be paid by direct debit from your account or even in deferred payment installations, assuming that you are a company or a freelance worker.


Pay for your order upon delivery receipt with the cash on delivery method. The amount due should be paid to the transport company hired This payment method includes a 3% surcharge with a minimum of 4 &euros; + VAT tax which will be displayed upon viewing your shopping cart.

Important Note

This payment method will only be accepted for orders that do not exceed 300 &euros;. If your order exceeds this amount the system will not permit the selection of this method, automatically hiding it.


Should you wish to pay by credit card, the 3DSecure security system is used. This is a new payment format developed by VISA and MASTERCARD that allows for safe purchases over the Internet and verifies the purchaser as being the legitimate titleholder of the card being used.

From this point on, a secret code is needed which will be provided by your bank. This way, it will be impossible to commit fraud against you online and guarantees the total security in the transactions.

¿How to attain the secret code?

Your secret code may be attained from the bank or savings entity that issued your card. If you are already a customer of an electronic banking institution, in the majority of these cases, you may directly request one on-line.

The process is very simple and is similar to the current process used.

  • When selecting the VISA card payment method you will be asked for the number and date of expiration as usual.
  • At this point, a screen will appear in which the bank will ask for your secret code (Remember that this is NOT the three numbers appearing on the back of your card, but must be attained from your banking or savings institution). Then our safe server will receive the response that all is correct.



This method is only available for companies and freelance workers who have already purchased from

Once you request this payment method, and we have approved it, every time that you place an order, the management system will make the corresponding money order direct debit from the bank account that you have provided.

It is that easy and comfortable. Another supplier but with the speed that only the Internet can offer.

For the direct bank debit method with deferred payments, contact our Customer Service department at  944 039 355.

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Cod al Pil-Pil

Cod al Pil-Pil

Sweet codfish, desalted and slow-cooked with olive oil and garlic.

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