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With quality raw materials we obtain excellent natural products.

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Shipping methods

Our order days are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. If the order is made prior to 13.00h, the order will be sent on that same afternoon. If the order is made at a later time, or on a day other than an order day, it will be sent out on the following order day. That is:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday prior to 13.00h: Shipping on the same day in the afternoon.
  • Monday after 13.00h and all day Tuesday: Shipping on Wednesday afternoon.
  • Wednesday after 13.00h: Shipping on Thursday.
  • Thursday after 13.00h and Friday, Saturday or Sunday: Shipping on Monday.

Keep in mind that our Customer Service Department will keep you informed of your order status during the periods of preparation and shipping if you so wish.

Shipping costs for destinations within the Spanish peninsula are calculated in function of variables such as weight, volume, distance covered, etc. and are based upon reference fees negotiated with the transportation operator, in our case, with Chronoexpres.

For ameztoi orders exceed 30Kg, shipping will be FREE OF CHARGE, assuming that it is within the Iberian peninsula.

In the case of the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, due to logistics problems, will deliver products assuming that the customer contacts our Customer Service department which will gladly explain the procedures to follow in order to process the order.

For customers from the European Union, they are responsible for shipping, taxes, fees and tariffs resulting from the importation of the different articles.

For orders to destinations other than those that have been previously mentioned, shipping fees will be paid upon delivery. In all cases, the merchandise must be covered by insurance as required by the law, in accordance with the Organic Law of Transportation. Order shipments will be made immediately following payment formalization.


When completing the purchase information, it is possible to use a shipping address that differs from the billing address.

For this, you should simply select the address that you wish when filling in the information or introduce an address that differs from the billing address when registering or when completing the order. You may do so using the functions of

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Cod al Pil-Pil

Cod al Pil-Pil

Sweet codfish, desalted and slow-cooked with olive oil and garlic.

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If you wish to receive our newsletter of updates, send us an e-mail at


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