Food Quality and Safety policy

Ameztoi Anaiak SL, a family business founded in 1994, has the objective of its business, the production, selection, distribution and marketing of all kinds of quality prepared dishes and with the maximum guarantee of food safety, and its mission is to contribute to the society products with identity, since it is the way it understands the kitchen, and its relationship with society.

Within the corporate culture, innovation, food safety and quality stand out as main values, for which a permanent effort of continuous improvement is made thanks to the participation of an excellent human team.

The General Management of Ameztoi Anaiak SL, is committed to the continuous improvement of the quality and food safety of its products to consolidate the company as a benchmark in the kitchen and gastronomy sector, as well as to diversify the range of products it offers to the society. Highlighting, as basic pillars of this business policy, the following commitments:

  • Ensure compliance with legal requirements and that the requirements established in the Food Quality and Safety management system, based on the IFS Food standard, are understood and met, among which are the prevention of fraud and the authenticity of the manufactured product.
  • Verify that the controls established in the Food Quality and Safety management system are carried out in a timely and efficient manner and that the documentation is permanently updated.
  • Prioritize the satisfaction of our clients, guaranteeing compliance with their requirements and specifications, and quality in all their processes, products and services, always respecting their identity and history.
  • Promote food safety culture and the communication of our values ​​and policy at all levels, raising awareness, motivating, training and adequately sensitizing staff in food safety and food hygiene, and in knowing the dangers and their importance.
  • Ensure that all staff receive adequate training in the development of activities. Ensure that staff have adequate supervision.
  • Encourage open and clear communication between all parties involved, during activities and subsequent activities, including deviations and expectations, in a context of teamwork and respect for people and their diversity.
  • Planning of changes so that the food hygiene system remains integral in their execution.
  • Ensure that the practices carried out to comply with the requirements are sustainable, respectful with the Environment, and ethical for our employees, suppliers and any other interested party that collaborates with us.
  • Develop, review and communicate this policy, at all levels, both internally and externally, since it is the reference framework for continuous improvement, through the definition and monitoring of objectives and goals.
  • Ensure the availability of material, human and financial resources necessary for the fulfillment of said objectives, as well as the requirements.
  • Encourage continuous improvement of the company’s food safety management system, taking into account, where appropriate, the evolution of science, technology and best practices.

Iñigo Ameztoi Mujika

Sukaldari Nagusia

The 15th of March 2021