General terms of purchase

The general terms of purchase are established below and govern the online purchasing of specific products, the ownership and property of company AMEZTOI ANAIAK, S.L. and/or of its affiliated subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as the Products), by part of users (hereinafter referred to as the Users) of this website: (hereinafter referred to as the Site).

AMEZTOI ANAIAK, S.L., informs Users that at their full discretion and at any time, reserve the right to add or remove products in accordance with the needs and supply, or for any other reason.

AMEZTOI ANAIAK, S.L., may update these general terms of purchase at any time. These general terms as well as the legal notice and the privacy policy of the Site will always be current and published at the time every order is placed and therefore, we recommend Users always verify the dates to see if any changes have been made to these documents since the last time they made a purchase.

The User explicitly states that they have read and understood the general terms of purchase as well as the legal notice and the privacy policy when they place their order and accepts them without any reservations.

1. Identity of the responsible entity:

AMEZTOI ANAIAK, S.L., with corporate address at Cestona, Polígono Industrial Sansinenea nº10, 20740, with C.I.F. B75035816 and registered in the Business Registry of Guipúzcoa.

Contact data: Email: /Telephone: (+ 34) 943.832.753

2. Geographic scope and destination of the products:

This Site is intended for persons of legal age and residents of Spain (inside the Iberian Peninsula).

At the time this Site is launched, the service will be available in Spain (inside the Iberian Peninsula).

If at the time your order is placed and you enter your postal code, the Site does not let you continue with the purchase, this means that service is still not being provided to your location and we encourage you to try again at a later date.

3. Characteristics of the Users:

The purchasing of Products offered on the Site is only and exclusively applicable to persons older than 18 and residents of Spain, taking into account the possible limitations indicated in paragraph 2. Geographic scope and destination of the products.

4. Main characteristics of the Products:

The Products made available to Users by AMEZTOI to be purchased on their Site are specific food and dairy products that are normally sold by AMEZTOI.

Although AMEZTOI makes an effort to provide Users with the best information about the Products they can purchase, photographs of the products are provided for illustrative purposes only and AMEZTOI shall not be held liable for slight differences between the illustrations and the purchased product.

5. Procedure for placing your order and online purchase:

To make a purchase, Users of the Site must carry out the following steps:

  1. Access the selected product sheet.
  2. Click on “add” in the product sheet.
  3. The selected product will be added to your shopping cart (on the right hand side of the page), where you can indicate the desired number of boxes/units.
  4. Once your purchase is completed, access your shopping cart (on the right hand side of the page).

If you can’t find a product, let us know through our customer service and we will gladly help your find it.


Select one of the methods of payment we offer based on your needs.


Once the entire purchasing process is completed, we will send you an email with all the details of your order. Please contact us if you do not receive the email.

The availability of agricultural products is subject to the stock levels of the cooperatives. We will notify you immediately if a product is temporarily unavailable.

If we are not able to make a delivery due to an error or inaccuracy in any of the data facilitated by the User or for any other reason not attributed to AMEZTOI, the User will pay for the order and will not have the right to ask AMEZTOI for a reimbursement.

6. Terms related with shipping and delivery:

Orders will be shipped only and exclusively within the Geographic scope and destinations indicated in paragraph 2 of these terms and taking into account the limitations indicated in said paragraph.

The delivery date will be between 1-5 WORKING DAYS after the order has been confirmed.

The Products will be delivered to the address indicated by the User. The Products will be considered delivered at the time they are delivered to any person at the address indicated by the User.

The recipient must verify the condition of the Products at the time of their reception. Likewise, recipients discovering that product is missing or in bad condition must immediately contact AMEZTOI’s customer service department at the following email or at the following customer service telephone: 943 832 753.

Likewise, AMEZTOI will not be liable for a failed delivery in the following cases:

  • If the data provided by the User is inaccurate or false, or
  • It is not delivered for any reason not attributed to AMEZTOI derived from fortuitous events or force majeure.

7. Total price of the Products:

All Product prices listed on the Site are final, expressed in Euro (€) and tax included (VAT and/or any other). VAT is 10%.

The price of each Product will be that indicated in the Product description on the date the order is placed.

The minimum order for making an online purchase on the Site will be THIRTY EURO (30€); orders for lesser amounts will not be processed.

8. Additional costs:

The purchasing of Products does not entail any costs for shipping and receipt of the Products or of any other type.

9. Method of payment:

Payments will be made using a credit card at the time the purchase is processed on the Website.

AMEZTOI shall not be held liable if for any reason, the pertinent financial institution rejects the payment.

The order validated by the User will not be considered final until AMEZTOI has received payment.

10. Sales receipt or invoice:

At the time of purchase, the user will receive a sales receipt in the email.

11. Suspicious or fraudulent order:

AMETZOI reserves the right, at any time, to cancel any order it considers suspicious or of requiring further information in cases where it has any doubts regarding the veracity and/or authenticity of the data provided or if the order seems suspicious or abnormal.

12. Property rights:

Users undertake and assure AMEZTOI that they will not use, disseminate, distribute, publish, export, sell, reproduce or copy all or part of the content or design of this Website.  The designs of Products, containers and packages are and will be owned exclusively by AMEZTOI as well as the designs and contents of the Website. AMEZTOI owns all the industrial property rights related with these products. Therefore, users may not use, disseminate, distribute, publish, export, sell, reproduce or copy all or part of the Products, their design and/or any content or design that is found on the Website (including the trade mark, word mark, caption, phrase, etc.).

Likewise, AMEZTOI reserves the right to cancel the file of any user that infringes upon any of these rights and AMEZTOI reserves the right to claim damages notwithstanding the right to pursue any legal action aimed at achieving this objective.

13. Privacy Policy:

See Privacy policy.

14. Right of Withdrawal:

AMEZTOI informs Users that they may not exercise their right to withdrawal in the following cases, as well as any other right included in the General Law on the Defence of Consumers and Users and other related laws.

1.- Goods that have been tailor-made in accordance with the specifications of the consumer and user or which have been clearly personalised.

2.- Goods that expire or have a short shelf life.

3.- Sealed goods that cannot be returned for health protection or hygiene reasons and which have been opened after delivery;

4.- Goods that after delivery and taking into account their nature, have been mixed in an inseparable way with other goods.

Likewise, AMEZTOI will not accept returns of any products described in these exceptions and will only accept returns if at the time of delivery, the recipient states that the Product does not match the Product that was ordered online by the User and the User immediately notified AMEZTOI’s customer service department at the following email or using the following customer service telephone number: 943 832 753

15. Quarries, complaints, requests for information:

To resolve any questions, complaints or to request information about a Product, the User may send an email to: or call the following customer service telephone number: 943 832 753

16. Consultation of the present terms:

These terms are always available on the Website.

17. Applicable Law and jurisdiction:

Spanish legislation shall be applicable. Regarding any dispute that may arise regarding the interpretation or application of these terms, AMEZTOI as well as the Users expressly agree to subject themselves to the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts of San Sebastian (Guipúzcoa) and expressly waive their right to any other jurisdiction they may be entitled to.

Purchasing Products online, means that the user has read, understood and accepts all the terms and conditions stipulated in these general terms.