The plastic

We can all have a new life,! RECYCLE

In Ameztoi we have a great commitment with our planet.

From the first container that we use to pack our first “Croquetas”, we have not stopped improving our impact on the planet. Today, we are proud to announce that we have invested in 100% RECYCLABLE packaging.

A packaging to recycle 100%

Our packaging is made of polypropylene, a 100% recyclable material and the only one recommended to be in contact with food. Resistant to high temperatures.

Colour change

In the past, our packaging was brown. Brown plastic is harder to detect by optical sensors that some companies use to identify materials and recycle them. So we decided to change it!

With the color change we can ensure that in any recycling company our packaging can always be detected and recycled without any problem. It is the most sustainable way to close the packaging cycle.

Recycle with us


The estimation of how long plastic lasts range from 450 years to forever.


There are already more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in our oceans.


73 % of beach litter is plastic.


More than 40 % of plastic is used once and thrown away. By 2050, almost every species of seabird on the planet will eat plastic.

Help us recycling

Which is the reason for not using biodegradable packaging in Ameztoi?

Since the creation of our company we have looked for alternatives to reduce plastic but we have never obtained the result that we would like. This continues to be our great challenge.

Why is so difficult to find new alternatives?

Our packaging has to overcome two characteristics to maintain the health of our customers: expiration and destination


The biggest disadvantage of biodegradable packaging is that it is porous, so with the pass of days the proportion of oxygen inside increases and the food is affected before the expected expiration date. On the other hand, in our PP5 plastic packaging, the product maintains its original texture and its decomposition begins much later, respecting the expiration date.


We take our dishes to the entire peninsula so the resistance is so important. Moreover, the  heat sealing of our containers needs to be 100% safe and effective. Unfortunately, biodegradable packaging does not seal well and does not resist movement impacts. Without definitive conclusions we cannot risk that some of our products open when transporting them.

We are not satisfied

We know that the path is going to be difficult, but we are strong enough to keep looking. We continue looking for sustainable packaging alternatives that make us reduce our environmental footprint without having a negative impact on the safety and health of our customers. We are proud of our product but we also want to reduce the plastic impact we have on our environment. We continue fighting!

Help us

If you find any information on new technologies or packaging that helps us reduce our environmental footprint, please write us at

Thank you very much