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Jacobito with bechamel sauce

Jacobito with bechamel sauce

These mini San Jacobos with bechamel sauce are cooked in a natural way with sweet York ham and the best melted cheese. They have a layer of bechamel that is slowly cooked using farmhouse milk and are breaded with a crispy layer of home-made grated bread. This way we obtain a Jacobito that is very creamy with a flavour that is second to none.


    Nutritional information
    Energetic value 982 kJ/ 235 kcal
    Calories fats 15 g
    Saturated fats 6,3 g
    Carbohydrates 16,9 g
    Sugars 2 g
    Proteins 8,2 g
    Salt 1,9 g

    Cooked pork loin (34%) (loin and pork fat, water, salt, dextrose, diphosphate and triphosphate stabilisers, aroma, smoke arroma, monosodium glutamate flavour enhancer, sodium citrate and sodium erythorbate antioxidants, carrageenan stabiliser, sodium nitrate preservative, Cochineal food colouring, sugar and spices), pasteurised whole cow MILK, grated bread (WHEAT flour, water, WHEAT gluten, salt, olive oil, yeast, diphosphate rising agent and sodium carbonate, paprika extract colouring), gouda cheese (8%) (MILK), WHEAT flour and WHEAT starch, preparation for breading (EGG albumin, salt, dextrose, guar gum thickening agent and spices), olive oil, salt, dextrose, guar gum thickening agent and spices), olive oil, butter (MILK derivatives), salt, metilcellulose gelifier and sodium ascorbate antioxidant

    May contain shell fish, fish, soy, mustard, sulphites and molluscs.

    FRYER: Remove the product from the package and dip in plenty of oil at 180ºC for 2 minutes, without overloading the fryer/pan. Let it sit for 90 seconds for the heat to set in.

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