FOOD 4 FUTURE will make Euskadi the world benchmark in the FoodTech industry

FOOD 4 FUTURE will make Euskadi the world benchmark in the FoodTech industry

Food 4 Future – ExpoFoodTech 2021 plans to bring together 5,000 professionals from the food and beverage sector, from more than 20 countries, between June 15 and 17 at the BEC-Bilbao Exhibition Center. “Food 4 Future is an event designed from and for the industry, with the support of more than 170 business organizations from different countries, with the aim of helping the food industry to face the challenges that it will have to face in the next decade to develop a healthier diet for a growing population ”.

Food 4 Future, organized by NEBEXT and AZTI, will also have representation from more than 200 exhibiting firms that will be presenting their most innovative solutions, equipment, technology and projects; together with 280 international experts in biotechnology, food science and safety, digitization, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Robotics.

I-Tokio University of Japan, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Ameztoi Anaiak, Campofrío, Bonduelle, Coca-Cola, Angulas Aguinaga or Danone will present their industrial transformation projects in Bilbao.

During three days, about 300 international speakers and more than 56 conferences will expose the keys to face the current challenges of the food industry. An agenda that will revolve around 3 main themes: digitization, sustainability and healthy eating.

Food 4 Future | ExpoFoodTech


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