Our kitchen

One kitchen. One family.

The history of Ameztoi begins in a kitchen; the place where the best ideas are born. Almost forty years ago, our mother Pili discovered that her famous croquettes transcended beyond the walls of our home. We began selling our mother’s croquettes in our town Zarautz, delivering the orders on bicycle.

We open workshop in Zarautz

We keep cooking for you

Our story begins in our home kitchen

We move to Zestoa and inaugurate our own dairy and pasteurization plant


Our story begins in our home kitchen

We open workshop in Zarautz



We move to Zestoa and inaugurate our own dairy and pasteurization plant

We keep cooking for you


Today Ameztoi reaches supermarkets, restaurants and homes located well beyond our borders.
But the essence remains unchanged.

We are a family and we are a kitchen and we continue preparing our dishes using the same traditional recipes you can only learn at home.

Once you try it, you will ask for seconds

90% of those surveyed would try the dish they have tasted again*.

Medium probability

Quite likely

Very likely

Almost 100% of those surveyed think our dishes taste “pretty” or “very good”*.

Very suitable

A little bit suitable

Quite suitable

We like to eat well.

Any family reunion is a good occasion to try a new dish or continue honouring our traditional dishes. We want to share this passion for good cuisine with you, merging traditional cooking with technological innovations that allow us to reach you at home.

Cooking with identity

Remembering who we are and where we come from is the best guarantee of quality we can provide you with. We cook the best dishes from traditional cooking and Basque cuisine with 80% of the raw materials selected from producers nearby.

Farmhouse milk that
is natural and local

We only cook using milk from our dairy plant, maintaining the same quality as when it leaves the farm.  We preserve all its nutritious properties and taste using our own pasteurization process, which you can taste in our croquettes, creams, desserts…

Technology to conserve what matters

We are proud of our installations, which guarantee the traceability of the product and maximum safety from the time the raw material is received, until it leaves in the form of a refrigerated or frozen dish.

For large clients
(supermarkets, restaurants...)

For families and those
that like good food

Are you familiar with Ameztoi