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Minimum order 30€
FREE shipping costs

Minimum order 30€. FREE shipping costs

Fried croquettes

Our range of croquettes made with farmhouse milk and cooked in the traditional way. Designed for starters or for the little ones of the house.

Main courses

300g-325g dishes designed for a complete lunch or dinner. Like at home! And suitable for the work!

Creams and soups

Creams and soups of 475 g. Combine them with a second course for a complete meal or perfect for a light dinner.

First courses

Traditional recipes between 300g / 320g designed for a first course. If you want to eat a little more you can combine them with a second dish.

Second courses

Our selection of local meat and fish recipes, ideal for a second course. Portions between 225-250 g.


One of our specialties, traditional desserts made with farmhouse milk. Treat yourself!

Formato familiar

Algunas de nuestras recetas en formato de 1kg-1,2kg para compartir con la familia y amigos.


Our selection of combined products for every occasion.